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VPS Hosting Reviews and Promo Codes

por VPS Web Hosting (2020-08-25)

How a VPS Works:

VPS is a cluster of virtual servers that are created by splitting a powerful physical server into two or more smaller components. Each component runs its own copy of the operating system. It mimics the features of a dedicated server in a smaller volume since it follows the practice of sharing the server. However, each website on the server gets their own exclusive resources.

Higher Reliability:

VPS hosting is an ideal choice when a business requires more resources than offered by shared hosting. The traffic will increase when a site gets popular necessitating more space to accommodate them. Shared hosting does not allow increasing of resources and results in server slowing down due to pressure. VPS is more reliable since each website has its own resources and work independent of one another.

Cost-wise, VPS is slightly higher than shared hosting. However, in return, a client gets more resources, better flexibility, and reliability etc. When a business is still in a developing state, they do not require a dedicated server yet, since traffic is still low and they can manage with lower resources. Dedicated servers are more expensive and may not fit into the budget of an organization.

Choice of OS:

Web hosting services are offered in two of the most popular operating systems like the Windows and Linux servers. Windows VPS hosting is a favored choice for establishments that use the Microsoft technologies of The Official Microsoft ASP .NET Site and MSSQL database to build their websites. Windows software requires the customers to purchase a license and because of this, the Windows hosting plans cost more than the open-source Linux. It uses script languages like Perl, Python, PHP, and MySQL database to run their applications. Windows servers come with a Plesk control panel while Linux users manage their accounts with a cPanel.

Robust Infrastructure:

VPS hosting places the client website in resilient data centers. They commit to 99.95% network uptime and fast page uploads in their SLAs. It is vital since if the page loads are slow, the visitors get restless and move on to a competitor site. Each website is housed individually in a separate container like environment.

The chances of intrusions are much lower in VPS. The client can restrict access to the server to further enhance the security. With firewalls, anti-malware solutions, and frequent virus scans, the server is kept up-to-date in protection. In shared hosting, if one account is compromised, risks of it affecting the other websites are more. This risk is not there in a VPS.

Root Access:

VPS hosting allows the clients to install applications of their choice. They have the liberty to configure and customize the server in a manner suitable to their business. However, the VPS clients require having some technical skills to manage and configure the machine.

24/7 Technical Support and Service Monitoring

The top VPS hosting providers in India offer 24/7 technical support and service monitoring throughout the year. Problems multiply if the servers face some issues and the host is not available since they closed shop for the day. The client goes offline and this could result in huge losses.

VPS hosting plans come in handy for those who require complete privacy for their mission-critical applications. It is an affordable way for one to learn and start their own hosting business by joining a reseller hosting plan from a reliable provider.

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