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Ancient Origin – Yin Yang

por Lyla Zarella (2020-06-02)

Spiritual healing is necessary in Ancient Origin – Yin Yang Review order to experience physical healing. The power of God is available to bring healing to your physical body however, this healing can be short-lived or blocked by the presence of bitterness. Ministries provide tools for getting free of the stronghold of bitterness. Bitterness seeks to spread and grow in our life. It keeps on growing and spreading and desires to take over your life. Un-forgiveness is not letting go of hurts, wrongs, and offenses. Bitterness is keeping a record of wrongs and can include retaliation through criticism and can include other sinful patterns such as passive aggressive behavior. Bitterness can also be discerned through anger going towards another person or towards yourself (self-harm, thoughts of wanting to die).

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