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1 in 3 Mexican SMEs built their business on Facebook

por excelr Tuhin (2020-07-04)


Facebook has proven to be a driving force for Mexican SMEs . According to an investigation carried out by Morning Consult with a sample of 1000 small and medium-sized companies in the country, he highlighted the fact that more than 1 in 3 of Mexican SMEs claim to have built their business on Mark Zuckerberg's social network.
Mexican SMEs find a strategic partner on Facebook
In fact according to this research, 68% of Mexican SMEs with Facebook presence ensured that the platform has helped them increase sales , while 77% of businesses in Facebook in Mexico said the social network them It allows you to sell your products and services in other states and even cross borders by achieving sales in other countries.
On the other hand, 59% of the Mexican SMEs that use Facebook for their businesses stated that they have been able to hire more people due to the increase in demand that has arisen in their company since they joined the social network.
According to the data provided by Facebook, currently more than 90 million companies, mainly SMEs, are on its platform, thereby increasing their business.
Facebook bets on SMEs in Mexico
Facebook considers Mexican SMEs the engine of the country's economy, and considers knowledge as a key factor to prop up their businesses, and a few months ago the social network redania's most wanted 7,000 Mexican SMEs in order to reduce the capacity gap. technological.
This free training for small and medium-sized companies was granted in 30 cities in Mexico in conjunction with the Foundation for Economic and Social Development (FUNDES), Dev.F and Tec de Monterrey, in addition to accelerators in order to achieve the empowerment of these businessmen.
Mexican SMEs generate 52% of gross domestic product (GDP) , which is why for Facebook when these small and medium-sized companies prosper, local communities also do better.
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Success stories
Among the Mexican SMEs that managed to take off due to their presence on Facebook is Oaxacanita Chocolate , an initiative founded by Germán Santillá n that brings together cocoa farmers, cooks and artisans who promote the cultivation of cocoa in different regions in Oaxaca and distribute their products to different States of the republic.
This SME uses Facebook as a showcase for its products and as a result 80% of its online sales are made through the platform, in addition to the fact that 30% of its distributors learned about the company through this means.
Facebook will help digitize 7 thousand SMEs in 30 cities in Mexico
Facebook has several free solutions that can help Mexican SMEs achieve this growth:
• Pages or profiles with which any company, regardless of size or location, can have an instant mobile presence: Facebook has more than 90 million pages and more than 7 million active advertisers.
• Groups with which Mexican SMEs can interact with their local community. 200 million people are members of significant groups on Facebook today.
• More than 700 million people use Facebook Events every month.
• Facebook has new tools to help people find or publish jobs, during 2017 the ability to apply for jobs directly on Facebook was expanded worldwide.
• Since 2011, Facebook has invested more than $ 1 billion to help local businesses grow and thereby help people find jobs, while in 2018, they invested the same amount in additional equipment and technology.

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