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What Every Family Should Know About Red River, New Mexico

por Terrence Lam (2020-08-20)

Families are in a weird place right now because they are having to figure out a new normal, and this includes how & where they travel at some point this year.
While folks could go a little crazy trying to find the perfect place in which to get back out into the world with the kiddos, let's make it a little easier: go to Red River New Mexico.

Now, that is one heck of a proclamation as telling everyone to go to a particular place means that said place better deliver.

But therein lies the magic that is Red River. Few places in the United States, and the world, can offer the amount of entertainment that this southwestern jewel can. What's more, the thing about Red River, NM that makes it so appealing is that it has so much available for singles, couples, and especially families.
Let's be honest: traveling with kids is not easy. No matter how much planning you can do ahead of time, you have to really steel yourself at the potential that those plans can go, well, screwy at a moment's notice.

So, what's waiting for families in Red River, New Mexico?

Great question! Here are some of the highlights:

Outdoor Adventures --- Explore the outdoors in Red River on UTVs, snow cats, horseback, & river rafting. Granted, these all seem tailored for those looking for a little adrenaline, but don't worry.
Exploring Red River is great via nature hikes, fishing, and biking.

Red River Ski & Summer Area --- Year-round fun for the whole family. Plus, look at the name. 'Ski & summer' refers to fun available the ENTIRE YEAR, not just a peak season. Most resort areas & mountain getaways thrive only during the winter months.

Red River has worked diligently to make sure they've got residents & visitors covered all twelve months of the year. That's value.

Red River Community House --- Part of the Red River landscape since the 1940s, the community house offers a ton of activities for residents & visitors, which is awesome.
Part of the fun in traveling is meeting new people, and few places deliver like the Community House.

Navigating Wheeler Peak --- Maybe you've got a family that just can't enough of outdoor fun & is always looking for a challenge even while out of town. Have a rugged family adventure in this part of the world at Wheeler Peak.

Get your legs ready for a good workout, though, because the elevation is over 13,000 feet.

Clearly, that's a lot (there's more,!), and for families out there who are really trying to get the most out of a first vacation during surreal times, it's about as perfect a trip as one could hope for.
But before you start booking, it's important to know that tourism is the big industry in Red River. The thing is that unlike other "touristy" areas, you're not going to find the tackiness you might expect.

Red River is actually only about a mile long!

For families looking to save money on transportation, this means you can actually navigate Red River on foot. But don't worry--- you're covered by the Red River Miner's Transit. The population is pretty small, which keeps things quite warm & friendly.
And in case all of this still isn't enough to convince you that Red River, NM should be at the top of your destination list, keep in mind that:

  • average snowfall is over 200"/year...AWESOME!
  • average summer temps are about 75°F DURING THE DAY (nights average about 40°F)

The world is in a very weird place right now, and as each day goes by, it gets tougher to see the brightness that does exist within our reach. Travel to idilic places like Red River New Mexico is the thing that keeps us pushing forward, wanting to see new things & meet new people. For families, it can be even tougher to get the whole gang smiling, but it's important to know that we'll get there, and when the time is right, Red River will be waiting.

is the perfect place for families to enjoy the outdoors all year long! Check them out today.