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Human race arrested in the Death of professional poker role player Susie Zhao

por Amber Mott (2020-08-13)

A 60-year-Old Michigan homo was in remission on Friday in the destruction of line of work fire hook player Susie Zhao, 33 (pictured)

A 60-year-onetime gentleman has been in remission in connexion with the destruction of business poker game actor Susie Zhao, law order.

The 33-year-old's dead body was constitute naughtily burnt at Pontiac Lake Tell Recreation in Stops area on July 13.

Zhao was described as a 'subject talent' on the free-enterprise fire hook circuit, where she was known as 'Susie Q.' 

She would easily necessitate interior prizes of tens of thousands of dollars and is believed to have won $224,671 terminated the class of her career. 

The suspect, whose public figure was not forthwith released, was pulled over on a stock-purchase warrant and taken into custody by officers from Edward D. White Lake Town at 9am on Friday, reported the.   

Zhao had lived in 'tween Los Angeles and Las Vegas merely friends told She was last seen by her mother on July 12 around 5.30pm, and her charred remains were discovered the next day by a local resident around 8.30am.

Police believe she was killed before her body was burned and that her high stakes job may have been a motive.  'You have to determine whether or not this is a coverup, or this may be some sort of retaliatory incident because of her profession,' Detective Chris Hild of the White Lake Township Police, told the Free Press.Zhao had won tens of thousands of dollars throughout her career as a professional poker player as she jetted between tournaments in Vegas and Los Angeles. Zhao has been described as a 'national talent' in the competitive poker circuit and was known as 'Susie Q'. Pictured: Zhao during a poker game She had competitive success as a poker player and is reported to have won $224,671 in tournament cashes, including $73,000 at the 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event. Pictured: Zhao during a game Her badly burned body was found at Pontiac Lake State Recreation area (pictured) in Michigan on July 13 RELATED ARTICLES

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She began to wreak in high school earlier moving on to high-stakes games after college.According to