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How Create Professional Song

por Teresa Wisewould (2021-06-02)

"And I Love You So" had been kicking around since it broke into the charts off my first album "Tapestry" in 1970, and of course, it was a big surprise to me to be on the charts right from the start. I never dreamed I'd be on the charts.

Eventually I started to see him socially on occasion. When I came to Nashville, he would ask if I'd come over and visit, so I remember a couple of times we went over to his office, and then we sat and he was eating some lunch, and another time we went out to lunch.

Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen This song from Queen's Night at the Opera album is one of the most unlikely hits of all time. There's no chorus or hook to speak of, it journeys through a few different parts before rocking out towards the end. Even though the lyrics don't always make a lot of sense, people everywhere are able to sing out every word including all the scaramouches and fandangos.

us pop hits

Another Little Richard cover sung by Paul McCartney. The song is credited to Blackwell/Johnson/Penniman (Little Richard.) It was on a UK EP release. It can be found today on Past Masters Volume One.

DM: When I first came to Nashville, I was amazed at these guys I saw. They had this strange kind of genius where they would just tinker around with things. They'd have a guitar that they would just mess around with, and try different pickups and new kinds of sounds and if something appealed to them, they would try to control it and make a new kind of pop music with it. Les Paul was the same way and so was Chuck Berry. That tinkering is the way you move forward. If you just sit there and do what everybody's been doing, then you just stay where you are.

Their third album, Baby The Stars Shine Bright was released in 1986 and was not quite as successful as the previous album, only reaching #22 in the UK. The album was completely self produced by EBTG and contains pop music recorded with an accompanying orchestra. It is believed the inspiration behind the album came from artists such as Patsy Cline, Burt Bacharach and Jimmy Webb.

Livin' on a Prayer - Bon Jovi The chorus to Bon Jovi's biggest hit will get any room singing at the top of their lungs. This is a go to sing when you need to punch up the energy in the room.