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When no the same is looking, uncountable women are watching gay porn

por Audrey Nairn (2021-06-06)

In it, Neville, a lecturer at the University of Leicester in the Joint Bailiwick, investigates what women enjoy regarding consuming gay spear erotica and how it fits in with their perceptions of gender and sexuality.

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_61a2eob7sjs4"In private, I’ve forever done that, too, but I musing I was a minute of a weirdo. "A tons of ways it can not treat seriously c mess with inaccurate with men is more energizing, unprotectedhex more experimentation, more expand to negotiation." "What women liked most in the matter of male-male porn is versatility, and with heterosexual porn you are thriving to pique penetrated ultimately, and that’s muted," she added.

Service in 2015, the wildly conventional online pornography locality Pornhub — which boasts terminated 115 million routine views — published a verdict that took sexuality researcher Lucy Neville nearby catch unawares: Women are trustworthy in requital for more than a third of the plat’s gay man's porn views.

The finding planted the motivating factor in spite of what would done transform into a book, "Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys," which was published earlier this month.

Neville interviewed and surveyed more than 500 women greater than five years pro the project. It was compelling to call up that half the test had done that." "They create it thoroughly liberating, the inkling that you could make believe or imagine yourself as a male or someone who is gender-fluid," Neville explained.

Assorted of the women with whom she spoke said "a lot of the can of worms they take with heterosexual porn is that they focus on the female body" without paying enough publicity to men.