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Plastic surgeon 'drugged escorts and then filmed himself raping them

por Kristan Velazquez (2020-08-20)

Manish Gupta, 49, was booked into a Lucas County, Ohio, jail on Friday 

A plastic surgeon from Ohio drugged several women and then filmed himself raping them while they laid motionless, according to authorities.

Manish Gupta, 49, is alleged to have solicited sex online from a woman during a 2016 trip to Los Angeles for a plastic surgery convention.

The high-end escort believed that she was drugged and raped by Gupta.

She went to a rape treatment center, where she was administered a rape kit, according to She also took an at-home drug test that tested positive for benzodiazepine, a psychoactive medication that is commonly referred to as tranquilizers, according to Afterward, the woman learned that several other escorts who offered their services on the same site also complained about a man who matched the description of her assailant.

Authorities say Gupta drugged and then videotaped himself raping unresponsive women who were given tranquilizers 

Local and federal investigators say they searched Gupta's clinics in Toledo (one of which is seen above) and found SD cards, tranquilizers, sex toys and other evidence

The women alleged that they were drugged and raped and that the man videotaped the incidents without their permission.

An investigation by the FBI found that in 2014, an employee who worked at Gupta's clinic in Toledo found several SD cards that contained video clips of the doctor having sex with unresponsive women.


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