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Miracle of Self Discipline

por Sylvie Pinley (2020-08-08)

A large study conducted by Dr Michael McCullough Miracle of Self Discipline and Dr Robert Edmonds involving more than 700 people separated their field of study into 3 groups of people - those that merely tracked events through their day, those that took particular note of unpleasant events that occurred to them, and lastly a group which focused on being grateful for whatever happened. The third group consistently showed High Alertness, Enthusiasm, Determination, Optimism, Better Energy, Less Depression and Stress, Better Inclination to Help Others, and Ability to Express Love to Others.You must feel rich to become rich - when you start to feel grateful for whatever you have you will attract more. In today's world Intelligent Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ) are often thought as important but these both pale when compared with the direct benefits of GQ - Gratification Quotient.The Power of Attraction which we hear about so much today as so well described in "The Secret" is supercharged through Gratitude.Gratitude is the fastest path to Riches. Focus on what you have and more will appear. Others will be drawn to your energetic field of gratitude. Riches are more about what you feel than just counting in money. Another Heartmath study showed when we are in a state of gratitude others can sense this up to 6 metres away. This has a direct positive affect on their heart rhythm and their brain waves change to more positive thinking.Pay attention to what you are focusing on, don't blame or complain this will drain your gratitude. Be grateful for your challenges, create a greater peace of mind and you will open the pathways for opportunities.

How does Miracle of Self-Discipline Works?