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Essential M

por Sylvie Pinley (2020-08-12)

When you want to buy flax seed, it is easy to Essential M become paralyzed by the choice that is available in the market place. How do you make your mind up? Here are some pros and cons regarding each form this great little seed comes in to make your decision easier. Initially it is best to cover the principle benefits of flax seed.Firstly flaxseed provides the essential fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid which is necessary for our proper brain functioning, vision, coordination, helps to control cholesterol and fat levels, improves our immune functioning and metabolism, helps to reduce inflammation, necessary for good skin etc etc. Then there is flax seed fibre, insoluble fibre helps move contents through your bowel and soluble fibre helps to reduce your cholesterol levels. Flax seed also provides minerals e.g. calcium, zinc, magnesium. Finally there is flax Lignans, chemical compounds (a major class of phytonutrients) that are estrogen like chemicals and also act as antioxidant.Whole Flaxseeds: The principle benefit of this form is that it is cheaper to buy and has a much longer shelf life. Be it golden or brown, there doesn't seem to be any nutritional difference according to nutritional authors. The other main benefit of whole flax is that you get all the benefits listed above. The negative is that you don't get as much convenience. Flax seed in the whole form cannot be digested by our system and will just pass through you and you will have wasted your money. With a little effort though, by grinding what you need when you need it in a coffee grinder for example, you will unlock all the goodness for you to absorb.

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