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BP Optimizer

por Francene Frayer (2020-08-17)

While all diabetics do have the BP Optimizer risk of developing diabetic feet some are at a higher risk of developing serious complications. It is important that all those who have diabetes must periodically determine if their foot is at risk. Any foot that is cold, shows hair loss, change in color with position like the foot may turn bluish while standing and pallor when legs are raised in sitting position run the risk. All these problems arise mainly due to decreased blood circulation in the legs. Instructing your doctor to look for pulsations in the leg also helps detect poor blood flow. Similarly a foot with reduced sensation, numbness, pricking or burning sensation, change in shape of toes can be suspected to have diabetic neuropathy. Asking someone to touch your foot with cotton swab while your eyes are closed will help you detect reduced sensation. The quantity of blood flowing into the leg can be measured by checking the blood pressure in the legs and comparing it with that in the arm which is known as Ankle Brachial Index - ABI. The ABI values that are less than less than 0.3 imply serious reduction in blood flow to the feet and a serious risk of developing gangrene. Oxygen levels in the skin surrounding feet can also be measured. This is known as tcPO2 measurement and values less than 40 imply high risk of limb loss.

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