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por Sylvie Pinley (2020-08-18)

Consume more Fiber: Eating more fiber provides us LumaSlim more energy as fiber slows down digestion process, stays longer in our body and keeps us full for a long time. Foods with lots of fiber will also maintain our blood sugar level. Stop taking sweeteners: Stop or slow down use of coffee, soda or other chilled drinks because they contain very low fiber and produce very little energy. Similarly, they increase fats in our body. Also, beware of the hidden sugar processed foods like ketchup, jams, creams, cane foods, diet drinks and soups.Moreover, keep an eye on fat free foods. Sweetener is commonly employed to change the taste that is misplaced when the fat is detached. If your blood sugar is maintained, it will help your body in fat consuming process. Unfortunately the people in the countries in the developed world have increasingly been gaining weight in general but in particular have excess abdominal fat.Most people don't like the way this looks or how it inhibits them from activities which they otherwise might undertake. Weight gain has serious health implications but it is the stomach fat in particular that is indicative of an increasing health risk, and this is not often realized.The worst of the offenders is the visceral fat that lies within the abdominal cavity and spreads around the internal organs. The fat around your stomach is not as risky as this type of fat which has been identified in studies as being much higher risk.This visceral belly fat has been connected to all sorts of health risks with new reports of other risks coming out often. These risks include heart disease and strokes, and associated high blood pressure, diabetes (especially Type 2), quite a few different kinds of cancer (including breast cancer), metabolic disorders, gallbladder problems, and as many wives would attest, sleep apnea and snoring. This must give some importance to an effort to get rid of that weight.

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