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Tact Bivvy

por Sylvie Pinley (2020-08-04)

Generally, the Planet X 2012 Hoax is thought of Tact Bivvy to be one of the biggest conspiracy theories known to man. Many speculations about the matter included a hidden agenda by the government or the institutions that would greatly benefit from the spread of this information to the public. Although the intentions of these organizations are unknown, people are very skeptical in accepting the whole idea without further evidence.All these in consideration, the media might have played a very significant role in the dissemination of the details about this topic, and in turn caused an alarming disturbance to the current situation. People started relating other kinds of phenomenon like solar flares and tsunamis that are, for the most part, more probable and can be explained directly by science. But then, these claims are quite misleading in the sense that there might not actually be any direct relationship with the Planet X and these events. Either way, people should be well informed and it is the responsibility of those in authority to give this to the masses.The occurrence of a reversal of either the magnetic or the geographic poles of the earth may be caused by certain factors. The Polar Switch 2012, being the most controversial issue today, seems to have had many versions in the way it is presented, causing quite a stir in the scientific world. Though the theories behind it are not yet clearly defined, many people try to explain how this phenomenon could transpire. To be able to clarify the issues related to this matter, here are some of the probable causes of a polar shift that may occur:

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