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Replenish 911

por Francene Frayer (2020-08-04)

Want to solve the picky eater Replenish 911 syndrome? Here's how: Be a role model: Children learn from their parents. Chances are a parent who is open to food and trying new things will be more likely to raise a child that will also be open and willing to try new foods. Involve your child: Children will often try a new food if they help in choosing and preparing the meal. Divide the responsibility: Parents are in charge of what food is available. The child is in charge of how much is eaten. Do not make separate meals for the picky eater but allow the child to choose from the food that is available. Do not force your children to finish the food on their plate: Do not create a fuss if they refuse a certain food, as this will create a power struggle between you and your child. Re-introduce foods: Do not stress if a child refuses certain foods. Often a food needs to be offered to a child more than 10 times before he/she will finally try it and like it, so don't give up after the first few attempts! No bribes: Do not reward children with dessert as this implies that eating healthy food is an unpleasant experience. It's no secret that businesses exist to sell products to their consumers. This has been a building block of commerce since the first foods were packaged and sold to others.

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