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The Abundance Accelerator

por Rosaria Rosaria (2020-08-05)

Pink: Intuitive, psychic The Abundance Accelerator abilities You may have realized that each aura color takes on several meanings. This is because aura colors carry specific meaning for every individual. That's the reason why, and hence it's not possible to put down a single meaning to each of the color. So you have to be cautious, and not conclude immediately that purple aura means significant advancement in spiritually pursuit. My advice to you is to get more background information of the person that you are providing aura colors interpretation, in order to give more accurate advices. It's easier if you are performing aura colors reading for yourself. Check out your aura color and be aware of the emotional, mental, spiritual and physiological experiences you are having at that moment, because that is exactly what that color means to you. This is probably the best advice I can give you on aura colors interpretation. As the energies build in group consciousness it is easy to become aware of the energy fields within our awareness. I feel this most as I am between sleeping and waking in the morning. I start to scan through my body and just be consciously aware of the energies and how they are feeling. I consciously check if I have a gentle smile on my face each morning. I feel a smile is very special, as it sets up one's energy vibration for the day. As I become conscious of the smile and my awareness rests with it, I feel the energy start to build and get stronger. I use the gentle smile to allow my awareness to lightly be with the energy, since we know that what we put our attention on grows. It is good to stay present in the Now - that is, to have all one's conscious awareness focussed on a single thing like smiling. It creates the space and rests the active mind; you can either focus on your breathing or the energy of the gentle smile. When I am present and aware in the Now, I do a self-check of the whole of my body. I check how the energy field of my body is feeling by checking that my Soul and Light Body are lining up with my physical, taking a few minutes for all these subtle energies to come into alignment after perhaps astral traveling in my sleep.

How Does The Abundance Accelerator Work?