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Personal Success Made Simple

por Rosaria Rosaria (2020-08-07)

Insecurity - Jealousy of Personal Success Made Simple your competitors I've met so many helping professionals who are insecure, jealous, and highly competitive with others in their field. Let me say here - if you're wracked with insecurity, you're not the best at your work - period. You're afraid of something (perhaps your own power, or a feeling of incompetence, or experiencing the infamous "impostor" syndrome), and that fear keeps you from growing, applying yourself, and connecting fully with others. If you feel jealousy and insecurity about your work, you're not alone. Find a helper (therapist, coach, teacher, etc.) who can assist you in identifying what you're most afraid of, and work through it successfully. It's just fear that's behind your jealousy - and fear can be neutralized if you allow yourself to feel it, and move beyond it. Scarcity mentality - Worrying that there's not enough money or business It's a waste of precious time to stop yourself from doing what you want because you think the field is glutted. Once you identify your true sweet spot, gain deep expertise in how to serve this niche effectively (perhaps differently from what you first envisioned), and differentiate yourself from others, there will be plenty of work for you. Whatever you believe will come true, so identify your beliefs around your work, and shift away from the negative ones. If you believe you will succeed and commit yourself to it, the chances are you will. If you think you'll never make money doing what you love, you'll create your reality to match your beliefs.

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