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Flora Springs

por Rosaria Rosaria (2020-08-10)

The more lean muscle your Flora Springs body has, the higher your metabolic rate is - therefore, as you are bodybuilding and following a diet program, your body will lose weight and/or inches because it is building lean muscle and increasing its metabolic rate. Losing weight before you start bodybuilding is redundant and a waste of time. As you go through your bodybuilding program you will be able to watch your muscle mass increase as your physique improves and weight loss become a natural part of your routine. Many people rely on their body mass index (BMI) to know if they are within a healthy weight range; however, as you work through a bodybuilding program, you will notice that this is no longer a valid indictor of obesity or health. Muscle is naturally heavy and as you add lean muscle to your body with a bodybuilding program you can see an increase in your actual weight - this does not mean you have gained weight in the typical sense of the word. Since BMI is your height divided by your weight multiplied by 703, a person who regularly body builds could have a BMI similar to someone who is obese. To accurately gauge your body's fat; you should use fat calipers or body fat analyzers. Knowing that your body is going to lose weight while working through a bodybuilding program should give you even more incentive to start a program. As your body adapts to the routine and your lean muscle begins to appear you will see your weight or inches begin to disappear. You should use inches as your guide rather than actual pounds due to muscle being added to your body as fat disappears completely. No, you don't need to lose weight before bodybuilding, you do need to body build to help yourself lose weight and feel great about yourself. Whether it is biting our finger nails, or leaving the toilet seat up, we all have habits; some good, some not so good.

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