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Speak and Inspire

por Francene Frayer (2020-08-10)

Underlying Lesson - Sometimes Speak and Inspire when I do my internal work my ego slips into the driver's seat and makes everything an "all or nothing" proposition. "Figure out your issue and be done with it," says my ego. Yet what works with less effort is patience or looking for the small openings that can be made wider. Sometimes it's more effective to go for the unexpected angle that provides the leverage needed to break apart the big chunk rather than only going full out in one spot. Sometimes the ice is too hard to break apart without applying salt first. Underlying Lesson - Salt in the wounds isn't a bad thing. Salt, like pain, has a purpose. It's needed to let air and light into the wound, to soften it up and dissolve it.I had to pick the right tool. To break apart the big ice swaths with hard plastic snow shovel wouldn't work. I had to go for the heavy, metal, flat edged hacking tool (I don't even know what to call it, but I know what it does!). Underlying Lesson - Set yourself up for success and choose the right tool for the job. How often do we use an inappropriate tool/friend/thought pattern/habit to create a breakthrough? Then we spend so much energy acting surprised when we don't get the job done. Here's a great question to ask: What do I need NOW to create THIS breakthrough and am I willing to go to the tool shed to get it and apply it?

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Re: Speak and Inspire

por anastasia silva (2020-08-10)

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