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The Bad Boy Blueprint

por Sylvie Pinley (2020-08-11)

Society tells us that women prefer larger men. The Bad Boy Blueprint (and that seems to hold true in just about all of the serious studies done in the last few years) But that doesn't mean, in your desperation you should choose silly, or dangerous strategies to help you get there. You should never use hanging weights. You should NEVER buy a traction device over the Internet. You should never buy a pill or cream unless you are very sure what's in it...and that it actually is proven to work as well. (no enlargement pills or creams are) The Bottom Line? Go with your gut when you read reviews. Your INSTINCTS. Mine told me that exercise, male enhancement exercise was the BEST way for me to get the sort of size I was shooting for. And I was right. But it took work, effort and a wee bit of discipline. Anything that promises you anything MORE for most likely not telling you the truth!You want to know if penis enlargement is safe, right? It's actually a reasonable request. Who wants to hurt, or humiliate themselves while doing an "exercise" that's supposed to help IMPROVE your self esteem? (not embarrass us with an injury!) Not me....not most of our readers and I'm guessing, if you're like us, not you either.So is enlargement safe, or should it be something you avoid at all costs?The answer is simple.....but requires a bit of illumination as well. Yes, if you do it properly, just about ALL enlargement exercises are safe. But, (and this is a major big but) MANY of the popular products, programs, pumps, pulleys and other props are NOT safe at all...and should be avoided at all costs.

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