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Cardio Clear 7

por Francene Frayer (2020-08-14)

From an evolutionary perspective, our Cardio Clear 7 body is not genetically enabled to process the massive calories we eat in the form of breads, sweets, rice and starchy foods. Our metabolism has evolved to be highly efficient in breaking down our food into glucose for use as energy. The refined carbohydrates we consume begin to break down into sugar in the mouth and produce a surge into the bloodstream every time we eat. In an effort to ensure our survival, the excess sugar is converted into triglycerides so it can be stored as fat, causing weight gain and leading to heart disease. Even more devastating, the excess sugar and fats in the blood are abrasive to the inner lining of the arteries and along with higher blood pressure, cause micro cracks to form. These cracks are then efficiently plugged with available minerals and oxidized cholesterol in an effort to avert bleeding, and a foamy plaque is formed which is the beginning of Coronary Artery Disease, the most prevalent form of heart disease. The body converts excess sugar from processed carbohydrates to triglycerides and fat for storage in the liver. Eventually the liver is unable to keep up efficiently processing the high carbohydrate load, and begins to store fat itself.

How Does It Work?