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por Francene Frayer (2020-08-18)

People need to reduce Panalean their unhealthy, gut-forming yellow fat and swap it with brown fat coupled with exercise. So to sum up eliminate processed foods, and start eating foods that promotes the brown fat - for example avocados, nuts and salmon. Eat What You Love, Love what You Eat: Diet by Dr. Michelle May. The key initials are BVM - meaning balance, variety & moderation. People are advised to eat with a purpose thus becoming fearless even mindful eaters. This is as opposed to emotional and mindless eaters. Eat Your Way to Happiness: Diet by dietitian Elizabeth Somer. Promotes a healthy breakfast as the most important meal of the day. Of course processed food is bad for you. Drink lots of fresh water and stay away from sugary beverages. Readers are advised on how to select "real" not junk food, what & how much to drink, the supplements to take, the health benefits of wine and chocolate (yum) and many other tips. Fat Flush For Life: Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD understands doing a "cleanse" in the winter is unappealing so she created a fat-flushing program that includes a specific diet for each season as well as a "5-Day Hot Metabolism Booster."

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