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Vision 20/20 Protocol

por Rosaria Rosaria (2020-08-20)

Usually they will be Vision 20/20 Protocol complaining about blurry vision, unlike with farsightedness. Nearsightedness has normally been corrected due to blurry vision before there are complaints about headaches. Beta carotene, which is converted to vitamin A by your liver is essential for the proper function of the rods and cones of your eyes. This is the reason why carrots are good for your eyesight... although I have to point out that few people suffer from poor eyesight due to a lack of vitamin A (meat contain vitamin A and vegetables contain beta carotene). It contains a certain type of bioflavonoid that quickens the regeneration of rhodopsin, a pigment used by your eye's rods. Eyebright is a herb long used to treat eye irritation. Its astringent properties tighten membranes and mucus surrounding the eyes and thus strengthens and improves blood circulation around your eyes. In addition to improving memory, Gingko Bilboa also increases blood flow to the retina thus improving its performance. These are just some of the vitamins and herbs that are beneficial for your eyes. But before you go off purchasing some sort of supplement, let me tell you this: All vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in your body do not work in isolation. If you lack vitamin A, increasing your intake of vitamin A will not necessarily correct the problem. This is because there are a multitude of other nutrients that have to be present for your body to absorb, process and make use of vitamin A. Herbs, are wholefoods, and thus generally more effective than individual vitamins.

How Does Vision 20/20 Protocol Work?