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Onyx Scalper

por Rosaria Rosaria (2020-08-21)

The strategy is really Onyx Scalper made up of 2 parts. If you learn how to incorporate these two strategies and fuse them together, you will crush 90% of the affiliates in your market, easily. Part 1 - Don't Be Afraid To Be Aggressive. This is more of a way of thinking than an actual internet marketing strategy, but I am telling you that your competition will be the only one telling you not to be aggressive, while they email you a new offer every single day loaded with bonuses and a push to act immediately. This Internet marketing strategy (mental strategy) is especially important for email marketers who are cultivating and managing lists. Get aggressive! If you are pushing a product that you believe in and that you feel your subscribers could use to their advantage, tell them about it and keep telling them why it is in their best interest to purchase NOW, or someone else will. Yes, you will get people who feel you are emailing them too much or that you are being pushy and they will unsubscribe. So what...this happens with about 1% of people, but it is so easy to focus on that one subscriber you lost and forget about the fact that 99 people still want you to sell to them! Keep your customers aware of you and aware of what you are about at all times. If you fail to keep this aggressive mentality in everything you do your Internet marketing strategy will be to fail. While you are worrying whether or not your subscribers like you your competition will be cleaning up and doing what you are too afraid to do. Part 2 - Create Affiliate Advertising Synergy Really, this cannot be done without being aggressive anyway and is simply an addendum to the first Internet marketing strategy. Carry this aggressiveness in everything you do.

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