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por Sylvie Pinley (2020-08-21)

First off, God does not NEED you to do anything. Individualogist God is everywhere, is all powerful and all knowing so He doesn't Need anything from us. He does not need anything from you. But what He Wants may be different.There may be those who say God wants your worship. There will be those who say God requires you to sing hymns or pray or be baptized. Some may say He requires tithing or rituals or Communion. God does not Need any of that. What God wants for you is for you to be happy, healthy, prosperous, powerful and wealthy.To me it seems we are living in the age of the Third Testament. This is the era when the Old Testament and the New Testament have blended. This Third Testament is expressed by your life, your faith and what you do with what God has given you. God does not want you to live in fear, be impoverished or weak. Those who followed God in the Old Testament were often the wealthiest people in their area, known for their strength and courage, powerful in the affairs of their community. In the New Testament, the followers of God found a completely fulfilling sense of commitment and community, their hearts were filled with love and their lives filled with the satisfaction of fulfilling their life's mission, their perfect work. Today, these two are blended. God wants us to live in prosperity And be fulfilled. God wants us to live an exciting, satisfying life And be influent within our communities. God wants us to love ourselves and our neighbors And serve them. God does not want you to stand aside while the world passes you by, God wants you to get into the action and help guide the play. God wants you to know that, through Him, your own power is near infinite. With God's help, you can do anything, be anything, achieve anything and have anything. God wants you to know that you are His son or daughter and that by the death of His First-born, you now stand to inherit the riches, power and glory of the most powerful Kingdom of all.

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