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por Sylvie Pinley (2020-08-24)

My parents are over weight, I guess I am LumaSlim doomed. While research does shown that genetic relatives tend to have a similar body weight, that does not seal your fate. There are a lot of other factors that are still in your control. Those with a family history of obesity may be more likely to gain weight than those with a slimmer family tree, but that does not mean a healthier diet and proper exercise are less effective. No matter what, the most important factors affecting your weight are how many calories you take in and how much physical activity you get. So hang in there, do not use genetics as an excuse to give upIt is good to diet. Avoid "crash diets" that cause a sudden weight loss; a slow and steady loss of one to two pounds a week is much healthier. The word diet is the word die with a "T". Think of a weight management as a way of life, not something you do to lose weight. Making better choices, not necessarily perfect choices is the key. Weight fluctuations may lead to other conditions, such as gallbladder problems and bowel problems and is also very likely to make you to feel depressed. Gradual lose is a sign of a lifestyle change. If you lost one pound per week that would add up to 52 pounds at the end of one year and you would be far more likely to keep it off.I need to stop eating fat. The opposite is true. Healthy fats can actually help you with your weight-loss efforts. Of course, eating too much fat overall is linked to disease risk, such as cancer, but overall we all actually need a little fat in our diets to be healthy than most people think. Healthy fats are necessary to absorb important nutrients and help you to feel fuller longer. That fuller feeling will help you eat less overall. Trans fat and saturated fat should be avoided, but unsaturated fats are actually good for you. Enjoy foods like fish, nuts, and olive oil, can actually do your weight and your health good.

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