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por Francene Frayer (2020-08-24)

Almonds. Purchase a large Bioleptin bag of almonds. It's the perfect snack to keep in your cupboard. In the middle of the morning or middle of the afternoon, if you need a quick snack, eat a handful of roasted almonds and wash them down with a large glass of water. The almonds will absorb the water, expand in your stomach, and your craving for something you shouldn't eat anyway will disappear. Also, almonds are low fat, full of fiber, and are very, very healthy. You're going to need to snack occasionally, and as far as snacks to include in a diet for losing fat, almonds can't be beat. Lunch. For lunch, make it a lean turkey sandwich on 100% whole wheat bread. You can use other lean meats, but turkey has it all, low fat, high in protein, and very inexpensive. Always whole wheat bread, never white. Use either low fat mayo or mustard. And load your sandwich down with as many vegetables as you can pile on, including lettuce. But make it romano lettuce or spinach instead of iceberg. Iceberg is a waste of time. Dinner. For dinner, grill a chicken breast or two, skinless, and steam some vegetables. Instead of regular potatoes, which are loaded with carbs, try sweet potatoes.

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