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por Sylvie Pinley (2020-08-24)

The Hollywood environment, however, is very competitive. FloraSpring The stars and up-and-coming talent all have access to the best information on health and diet -- information that is not commonly followed outside of Hollywood and the enclaves of wealth and power where people can afford the best physical trainers, diet coaches, medical experts, and the foods they recommend. It is a different perspective on the world of food that motivates the top celebrities to choose a vegetarian lifestyle. It's not a fad -- they do it because it makes sense and they have a big incentive to stick with a diet that keeps them at their peak.There is nothing stopping the average American from adopting a healthy vegetarian or vegan diet. It is not necessary to make a total conversion immediately, but for best results in weight loss, that's the direction to go.The savings of not buying expensive meat, poultry, and fish are available to all. The longterm savings on expensive medical care are wonderful, too.One little-understood benefit of a vegetarian or vegan diet is that it is not necessary to go hungry -- ever -- to be thin! You can eat all you want of a wide variety of natural satisfying fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, and nuts. There are many delicious dishes that can be prepared without meat and milk products. Even without much exercise, those who eat like the stars can normalize their weight and stay there for life.The key thing that Hollywood's top celebrities do to maintain their weight and looks is that many follow a more vegetarian diet than the rest of us. Their agents and managers often don't want this widely known, for fear of fans perceiving this as elitist or limiting their marketability.

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