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How to be safe with a cordless drill

Most people assume that a cordless device, even a top rated cordless drill, is no less dangerous than its corded counterpart. Although a cordless tool does not have high voltage or amperage, it is still powerful enough to cause damage to users. Thus, don’t forget some safety precautions, which will prevent damage and injuries.

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Focus on clothes

Avoid wearing long sleeves, baggy clothes, or jewelry when using a drill. The high speed settings of the drill head could catch and become tangled with dangling objects. It is safer to wear thick clothes, thick jeans, short sleeves, and no jewelry. Don’t forget to tie your hair back if needed.


It’s a good idea to wear safety goggles to prevent debris from getting into your eyes. Also, you should wear a breathable mask when you drill through materials that release dust.

Gloves are also necessary for hand protection.

Additional tools and clamps

A clamp is one of the best cordless tools. You can clamp a small piece of metal or wood to the worktable. You don’t want the piece moving while you drill because movement can affect precision and also your safety. Sometimes, you might hear about someone who suffered injuries because they did not secure their work in a fixed position.

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Avoid applying strong pressure

It is not easy for a user to regulate or keep pressure light but quick. Most of these tools do not require too much pressure. Some people push drills more than needed. Although this is not too dangerous, it can still cause the drill to skip, creating the possibility of injuries.

Turn off the drill when charging it

As with most other tools, you will have to turn off the drill when charging it. Most cordless tools don’t have an on/off button, but you still need to turn them off. This might be a little annoying, but it can save your life. Whenever you want to make an adjustment, don’t forget to turn off the tool.

Pay attention at work

For some users, it is not easy to stay focused, especially when they’ve been drilling for a long time. Some people listen to music or talk to someone while drilling to make the time pass quicker, but this is not recommended. When you are focusing on what you are doing, you will be more productive.

Become familiar with your drill

To familiarize yourself with your tool, you should read the manual, especially when you first buy a drill. If you are a real newbie, you can also read cordless drill reviews and watch videos containing instructions and projects made by experienced people. They will give you a lot of advice.

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Safety is key. Thus, spending a little time on research is always a good idea. Good luck!