Call for papers for the Journal Redes (UNISC). Vol. 23, n. 2 - May-August/2018

The journal REDES (UNISC) invites you to submit scientific papers to the thematic dossier "COOPERATION NETWORKS, PRODUCTIVE ARRANGEMENTS AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT", which aims to gather and publish a set of texts on the regional productive activity, configured under different modes of organization of production, with emphasis on studies of productive arrangements; networks and forms of cooperation; agents and social and economic organizations and their set of institutional relations, among other topics connected to the dynamic of regional development. We are also contemplating studies aiming at a better understanding of the competitiveness of productive systems and chains; characterization, profile and structure of productive arrangements and cooperation networks; technological innovation and technological environment and their interference in the regional dynamic; coordination of chains and contracts between the links; regional productive reconversion and restructuring; development of cooperativism and solidarity economy; new forms of coordination of organizations.
For this issue, we will be selecting and publishing papers that deal with the theoretical and methodological aspects on the above theme, research findings, case studies and systematization of experiences.

Papers should follow the Guidelines for Authors, available at:

Submission: Papers should be submitted exclusively through the journal’s website, according to the standards available at the link provided.

Deadline for submission: December 31, 2017.
Publication of the issue: May 2018.