Physical and chemical characterization of earthworms and humus obtained by vertical vermicomposting

Lucélia Hoehne, Rosecler Ribeiro, Wagner Manica Carlesso, Eduardo Miranda Ethur, Simone Stülp


Earthworms culture are usually made horizontally and it is necessary a lot of area. In order to minimize the size of earthworms culture and the possibility to be applied in residences, this paper proposed evaluate conditions for vertical vermicomposting. For this, were purchased vertical boxes and organic matter. The earthworms of species Eisenia andrei, california red earthworms, were used. There were evaluated the adaptation of earthworms and physical and chemical characterization of the humus. Results showed that there was a good adaptation of earthworms in this configuration, minimizing the space required, and it is one technique for environmentally friendly recycling of organic waste, creating a bio-product wich can used as fertilizers.


Earthworms culture; Vertical form; Bio-product

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