Hospital Heads of Epidemiological Surveillance in Brazil: an integrative review of scientific literature

Célio Roberto da Cruz Lima, Silvana Gomes Nunes Piva, Eliana do Sacramento de Almeida, Vânia Menezes de Almeida, Jenifen Miranda Vilas Boas


Background and Objective: Brazil has been presenting an intense epidemiological transition, concerning this new scenario, the Ministry of Health decided to create through Administrative Rule No. 2,529 from November 23rd, 2004, the Hospital Epidemiology Centers in reference hospitals in Brazil. Regarding this, there were concerns about the functionality of NHE. From the review of literature, to evaluate the functioning of Epidemiological Surveillance Nucleus in Brazil. Content: An integrative review of the qualitative Brazilian bibliography was carried out, based on 10 scientific publications published in Portuguese between 2007 and 2017, indexed in the BVS and BDTD database libraries in the period from January to March 2018. Conclusion: NHE's stand out as a sector of reference for the accomplishment of compulsory notification and for handling diseases situations and compulsory notification aggravations within the hospital environment. On the other hand, we still face the non-compliance of the demands and competences established in Administrative Rule number 2529/2004. Descriptores: Epidemiology; Epidemiological surveillance; Nursing.


Epidemiologia; Vigilância Epidemiológica; Enfermagem


Copyright (c) 2019 Célio Roberto da Cruz Lima, Silvana Gomes Nunes Piva, Eliana do Sacramento de Almeida, Vânia Menezes de Almeida

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