Interface between health, environment and work from the perspective of sustainability

Magno Conceição das Merces, Bianka Souza Martins Silva, Tânia Maria de Araújo


The purpose of this article is to discuss the issues related to environment triad, health and work from the perspective of sustainability. In this debate it is observed that the discourse of sustainable development is heterogeneous and marked by environmental interests in various sectors. Thus, we sought to contribute to the discussions in the field of Environmental Health and Labour, with the economic and environmental aspects of structural factors as determinants of health. In this sense, highlighted the importance of the interdisciplinary integration process of global understanding of issues socioambientais. Por order became evident that the integration of health-sector work-environment is a major step towards thinking an action to account for the complex needs that emerge in the current world.
KEYWORDS: Environment. Health. Media Production. Sustainability.


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