Accession to preventive measures of pneumonia associated with mechanical ventilation.

Luany Caroline Adamovicz Bork, Maria Dagmar da Rocha Gaspar, Péricles Martim Reche, Guilherme Arcaro


Justification and Objective: Emphasizing the importance of adopting measures for infection preventive for the realization of a free tour of damage emerged the need to observe how the health team has been applying bundle. Aimed to investigate the adhesion of preventive measures for pneumonia by health professionals, the Intensive Care Unit of a general adult public hospital, Ponta Grossa - PR. Methods. Transversal research, quantitative, prospective and observational approach, carried out in the period April-July 2013. The sample consisted of 33 patients who were on mechanical ventilation, totaling a record 1522 times application of preventive measures for pneumonia ventilator-associated (VAP). Results: Of 33 patients, 13 developed
pneumonia, the mean age was 59.72 years and the prevalence was female (44.44 %). It was found that health professional sattended high head board of bed averaged 69.89 %, and join ed the interruption of sedation in averaged 66.66 % , performed oral hygiene with chlorhexidine 94.61 % , keptthe cuff the endotracheal tube (between 20 and 25mmH2O) 64.44 % , have adapted filter nebulizerto staywithin the validity of 89.50 % and 93.4 % of the observation sleft the circuit free of condensate. Analyzed the average amount of day sonme chanical ventilation of patients who acquired infection was 15.85 (SD = 8.65). Conclusion: Reveal that when the team applies all preventive patientonme chanical ventilation measures are reduced the risko facquiringan infection in the respiratory tract. Keywords: Intensive Care, Pneumonia, Ventilator- Associated, Cross Infection, Patient
Care Team


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