Evaluation of the knowledge regarding prevention of cervical cancer among women from a Health Unit

Ernandes Gonçalves Dias, Dayany Dávila Cantuária Santos, Endy Naiany Freitas Dias, Janine Cinara Silveira Alves, Letícia Rocha Soares


Background and objectives: Cervical cancer is a disease with high degree of morbidity and mortality, but has early detection by performing screening test which allows healing. This study aimed to evaluate the knowledge regarding prevention of Cervical Cancer among women in a Basic Health Unit in Minas Gerais. Methods: This is a study descriptive with approach qualitative with 44 women. Was used as the data collection instrument of a semistructured script consisting of subjective questions. Data were collected between March April 2014. Results: The women had age of 40-57 years old, 33 (75%) were married, 43(97,73%) had children, 20 (45,45%) had incomplete primary education, 36 (81,82%) were responsible for all financial income of the family and lived with up to the minimum wage. As for the Pap smear, considered important, however showed little clarity as to the meaning of prevention. Performed the test as means of prevention and early diagnosis of
Cervical Cancer. Among women who did not perform the preventive the cause was discouragement. Conclusion: We conclude that although the Pap smear be offered for free, there is still women who do not have adequate knowledge about the same and not makes periodically, fitting to health services intensify health education programs to seeking to
raise awareness about the importance of regular practice of the Pap smear. Keywords: Cervix Uteri. Uterine Cervical Neoplasms. Health centers.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17058/reci.v5i3.5646

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