Child Obesity: a look at context familiar, educational and the media

Micheli Luttjohann Duré, Natalí Lippert Schwanke, Tássia Silvana Borges, Miria Suzana Burgos, Edna Linhares Garcia, Suzane Frantz Krug


Background and Objectives: The increasing obesity worldwide allocates this problem as a global epidemic, emphasizing the same as a public health problem. Obesity also arises as a childhood disease, requiring health professionals, preventive actions to achieve the whole context in which children and adults are inserted. From this theme aimed to discuss the problem of childhood obesity and its relationship with three agents influencing the lifestyles of children with overweight and obesity: audiovisual media, family relationships and academic institutions.Content: literature review article. They were consulted in search engines (SciELO and PubMed) articles that had in it context at least two of the following descriptors: academic institutions, family relations, audiovisual media and child obesity. It was considered as time cutting the period 2009-2013.Conclusion: there was the need for public policies that regulate advertising aimed at children, adapting them to the educational and preventive profile. In addition, it was found that the school plays a fundamental role in the practice of healthy eating habits. It is clear, therefore, the need to adapt to this reality, and the family's role to mediate and control such actions.
Keywords: Video-Audio Media. Family Relations. Schools. Pediatric Obesity.


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