The knowledge of the importance on the influenza virus a (H1N1): experience report

Jaine Kareny da Silva, Márcia Sabrina Silva Ribeiro, Joab Barbosa da Silva, Marcela Andrade Rios, Cláudia Franco Guimarães, Michele Martins Souza


Background and Objectives: Although infection rates by influenza A H1N1, present reduction since 2010 through immunization, it is still notorious some cases and outbreaks of the disease in the country. To minimize such cases it is important, among other measures, the qualification of the health worker. In this sense, the objective was to describe the level of awareness of nursing professionals in a hospital Bahia interior, on the transmission of the H1N1 virus, symptoms and what PPE is needed in assisting patients with suspected or diagnostic confirmation. Methods: This is an experience report experienced by nursing students at the State University of Bahia, who developed curricular component activities Caring Process: Rationale and practice in a public hospital in Bahia. The report data is from the collection conducted with the nurses, addressing aspects of symptoms, transmission and personal protective equipment. Each professional nursing spontaneously answered the questions and the end was discussed each item aiming answer questions by promoting thus an educational activity based on the knowledge of professionals. Results: Although most participants recognize the personal protective equipment and the symptoms of the viral disease, some are still unaware of the transmission routes. Most received no training on the subject. Conclusion: It is necessary to implement a Center for Continuing Education to answer questions about this and other topics, but are not limited to specific actions and seeking partnerships with higher education institutions.
KEYWORDS: Education, Continuing. Education, Nursing. Disease Transmission, Infectious. Communicable Disease Control


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