Perspective of the nurse in front of nursing care in the treatment of wounds in hospitals

Fernanda Sabrina Machado, Arlete Eli Kunz da Costa, Luis Felipe Pissaia, Carmem Elisa Beschorner, Claudete Moreschi


Background and objective: The research understands the importance of the professional nurse freight to nursing care for patients with wounds therefore having as main objective to meet the prospect of nurses against the nursing care in the treatment of wounds in hospitals. Methods: This is an exploratory study, descriptive, transversal, qualitative
approach, carried out with members of the Committee of nurses Wounds of a mediumsized hospital in the Taquari Valley-RS. Results: There is a consensus on the importance of the work of the nurse, mainly inserted in a multidisciplinary team for effectiveness in the treatment of wounds, being this key figure in the process of prevention or treatment
of injuries, as well as in the construction of scientific protocols and training, to qualify the Assistance, without forgetting the importance of records, as an important communication tool. Conclusion: It is concluded that there is a need for continuing education programs that focus on the discussion and evaluation of case, as well as noted the importance of this Commission in the treatment of patients due to its structuring.
KEYWORDS: Nursing, Team. Wounds and Injuries. Education, Nursing. Integrality in Health. Health Education.


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