Prevalence of obesity and hypertension in schoolchildren: comparative study between rural schools in the municipality of Santa Cruz do Sul/RS

Carlos Ferreira Hoehr, Cézane Priscila Reuter, Luciana Tornquist, Henrique Mena Barreto Nunes, Miria Suzana Burgos


Backgound and Objectives: The prevalence of obesity in children and adolescents has increased significantly all over the
world. Consequently, the prevalence of diseases that were once considered adult, has also affected young, increasingly early.
To investigate whether there are differences in the rates of obesity and hypertension among schoolchildren of the Northern
hemisphere, south, east and west of the rural municipality of Santa Cruz do Sul-RS. Methods: A cross-sectional study involved
students, aged 7-17 years, from 5 schools in the rural municipality of Santa Cruz do Sul- RS. Anthropometric indices such
as BMI (body mass index), WC (waist circumference), %BF (body fat percentage) and both systolic blood pressure (SBP) and
diastolic (DBP) were evaluated. Data were analyzed using the SPSS 20.0 program through descriptive analysis and chi-square
test, considering significant differences p≤0,005. Results: Were evaluated 726 students, 350 male and 376 female. Prevalence
rates in five schools assessed were similar, except for the fat percentage, where the school 3 presented significantly higher
prevalence of elevated %BF for both male and female. Conclusion: The closest school urban area showed the highest prevalence
of elevated %BF, the other parameters prevalence rates were similar.
KEYWORDS: Obesity. Hypertension. Child. Adolescent. Rural Population.


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