Blended Classic Joint Attention and Multimodal Deixis

Mark Turner, Maíra Avelar, Milene Mendes de Oliveira


In this paper, we aim at presenting the concept of Blended Classic Joint Attention (TURNER, 2015). At first, we discuss the concept of Classic Joint Attention (TOMASELLO, 1995, THOMAS; TURNER 2011), and then we illustrate BCJA using a scene from a video made by Jout Jout, a famous Brazilian youtuber. After that, we discuss the concept of multimodal deixis and present our data collection, which consist of four samples collected form the Distributed Little Red Hen Lab. Two of them are from Brazilian TV news, and the other two from US talk-show “The Daily Show”. We analyzed the multimodal verbo-gestural compounds in which the spatial deictics “here” and “aqui” co-occurs with manual gestures and eye-gazes. Results showed that in less prototypical examples, with fixed expressions, there is no interaction with the telespectator. On the other hand, in more prototypical examples, the eye-gazes are aimed at the telespectator, while the manual gesture is aimed at the immediate interlocutor.


Blended Classic Joint Attention. Multimodality. Spatial deixis.

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